EMERGENCY crews were called to tackle a fuel spill after an incident involving a lorry on a busy Herefordshire main road.

Firefighters from Ewyas Harold were called to the incident near Pontrilas Sawmills on the A465 on April 22.

They were joined by an ambulance, with paramedics working to make sure that the driver had not sustained any injuries.


A fire service spokesperson said the crew, with the assistance of sawmill staff, covered a fuel spill on the road using sawdust, while all drains were blocked to prevent fuel runoff from entering the water system. 

A hose reel jet was also used as a safety measure, the spokesperson said.

Two further fire crews were also called to the incident but were later stood down as no further emergency services were required.  

The clean-up after the incident was left in the care of highway maintenance crews and the Environment Agency, the spokesperson said.