THE Beefy Boys in Hereford has spoken out after making changes to its menu and scrapping some popular choices.

Fans of the restaurant have had to say goodbye to some tasty offerings which are no longer available in the Hereford Meat Boutique.

The Beefy Boys has scrapped its corn-on-the-cob side dishes, chicken wings and its "phat boy" sharing platter, which was a huge tray of burgers, fries, corn and "mac balls".

The wings have been replaced by chicken strips, which are now also in the chicken burgers instead of the previous grilled breast and buttermilk thigh options.

Hereford Times: New Beefy Boys menuNew Beefy Boys menu (Image: Bridie Adams)


Anthony "Murf" Murphy, one of the restaurant's founders, told the Hereford Times: "We've been wanting to add chicken strips to the menu for some time. It's a new recipe and it's gone down a storm since launching. We make the strips from scratch daily. We marinate the chicken breast in a mixture of buttermilk and spices then roll them in seasoned flour before deep frying them.

"Once they are crispy we serve them either plain or tossed in a selection of our sauces: buffalo and blue, ninja wing, Nashville hot chicken, Wye Valley Butty Bach BBQ sauce and Ranch. They are the perfect side. 

Hereford Times: Beefy Boys ninja chicken stripsBeefy Boys ninja chicken strips (Image: Beefy Boys)

"Due to the space needed to make the strips we have had to remove a couple of items, wings and corn.

"Sadly this means at the moment we aren't offering the phat boy platter but we will be relaunching that in the coming weeks to include our chicken strips."

Although the phat boy platter is set to make a return, no indication has been given of the corn or wings coming back.

The Beefy Boys have also added a vegan faux-"beef" burger as a special, and an add-on of a "cheese skirt", which is a disc of fried cheese.