Update: The Beefy Boys has revealed the reasons for the changes, click here to find out.

THE Beefy Boys in Hereford has made changes to its menu, with some popular choices being removed.

The Beefy Boys is, of course, best known for its beef burgers. But there are other items on the menu like sides and other types of burgers, like chicken and meat-free options, that some would also consider staples.

Fans of the restaurant have had to say goodbye to some tasty offerings which are no longer available in the Hereford Meat Boutique.


The Beefy Boys has scrapped its corn-on-the-cob side dishes, chicken wings and its "phat boy" sharing platter, which was a huge tray of burgers, fries, corn and "mac balls".

The burger restaurant in Hereford's Old Market has also made some substitutes in the menu, with chicken strips replacing the choice of a grilled chicken breast or buttermilk chicken thigh in all of the chicken burgers. The chicken strips have also replaced the previous offering of wings.

Hereford Times: A picture of the Beefy Boys menu at the Hereford restaurantA picture of the Beefy Boys menu at the Hereford restaurant (Image: Bridie Adams)

It has added a vegan faux-"beef" burger as a special, and an add-on of a "cheese skirt", which is a disc of fried cheese.

The Beefy Boys has been approached for comment on its menu changes.

The restaurant was established by a group of burger-loving friends over 10 years ago, and is one of the most popular burger places in Hereford and the surrounding area.

It also has restaurants in Shrewsbury, Shropshire, and Cheltenham, Gloucestershire.