A HEREFORD restaurant is offering to pay for people's parking. 

en Sushi BBQ, a Korean eatery in the city's Old Market, said that they understand how rising parking costs is having an impact. 

They have therefore said they will pay up to two hours' of parking on a Friday and Saturday night, as long as a minimum of £50 is spent at the restaurant. 


Writing on its Facebook page, en Sushi BBQ said: "Herefordshire, we've heard you loud and clear.

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"We understand how rising parking costs are affecting footfall for businesses in town, and as a local, family-run business, we're committed to making a difference for you.

Hereford Times: The restaurant is in Hereford's Old MarketThe restaurant is in Hereford's Old Market

"Because nothing should stand between you and a delightful meal at eN Sushi BBQ, especially parking fees.

"That's why, on Fridays and Saturdays (for now), we're stepping up to cover your parking expenses when you dine with us.

"Let's ensure your weekend plans are hassle-free and bursting with flavour. Just let us know that you have parked a car to get to us - and we’ll do the rest."