A HEREFORD man has been ordered to pay hundreds after dropping a cigarette butt in a street.

Przemyslaw Unek was proven guilty of one count of throwing down, leaving or depositing litter, namely a rolled up cigarette, by magistrates in Tameside.

The court heard the 42-year-old had dropped a cigarette and left it in Manchester’s Charlotte Street on June 20 last year.


The hearing took place last month through a single justice procedure.

Unek, of Widemarsh Street, Hereford, was fined £220 and must pay costs of £125 and an £88 victim surcharge.

He was prosecuted for littering by Manchester City Council. The city council says that, as an alternative to prosecution in court, it issues fixed penalty notices for offences such as littering, graffiti and dog fouling. But if these are not paid, defendants can be taken to court and given a larger fine and a criminal record if they are found guilty.