JOE Davey (Letters, March 3) seems more interested in the colour of the rosette and party ticket of the candidates than what they have done for Herefordshire.

I find it very refreshing that Jesse Norman wants to fight the next election on what he has done locally for his constituents rather than worry about the infighting in Westminster.

What are your thoughts?

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As our local MP since 2010 he has tirelessly fought for the issues we face in Herefordshire and made a real difference – particularly championing and securing serious funding for new wards at Hereford hospital, building the new university, providing jobs and investment in Rotherwas etc. Added to this has been securing over £20 million from the Stronger Towns fund for the new cycle track, electric buses and the skate park.

He is unusual as a politician; more interested in what he can do for the constituents he serves than shouting about his achievements. He has done his utmost to work for local issues and is a refreshing change from the clamour of self-interested MPs we hear so much of in the media.


St Owens Cross