A LEAFLET extolling the achievements of Jesse Norman has dropped through my door.

He seems a pleasant enough chap, as the testimonies of happy constituents and eight self-promoting, jolly photos of him attest to. The typeset, in ink of Conservative blue, boasts too of his laudable efforts in raising £120 million for the county and helping 6,000 people with their problems (as if that’s not the normal role of an MP).

What the leaflet does not do, however, is to remind us that Jesse Norman and Sir Bill Wiggin belong to a government that has inflicted ideologically motivated cuts of 27 per cent to council spending nationally since 2010.

What are your thoughts?

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If you value the worth of libraries, children’s centres and youth clubs, want speedy referral to mental health services, enjoy walking the dog in a park, believe free dentistry is best provided by a fully funded NHS or want more than the odd sight of a police constable, I suggest ignoring Tory leaflets and their self-congratulatory content.

Instead, consider how many potholes might be filled if Herefordshire Council did not have to find another £19.5 million of cuts this year, thanks in part to our two austerity-championing MPs and others like them.