Plans have been put forward for ten new houses on the edge of a Herefordshire village, after a similar bid was refused two years ago.

A full planning application (number 240643) by Jason Richards of JR Planning & Development proposes two two-bedroom semi-detached homes along with four three-bedroom and four four-bedroom detached houses on a field immediately south of Canon Pyon, north of Hereford.

There would be a new road junction with the main A4110, from which a pavement would run north into the village. A new orchard, along with a retained tree belt, would provide a buffer to the south.


For market sale, the houses themselves would lie behind the retained hedgerow, and would be of “comparatively modest proportions” and of a similar density to the estate immediate to the north, the application says.

A previous application to develop the 1.5-acre field was refused March 2022 as being outside the village boundary, lacking adequate parking, and lacking information on waste water drainage.

It also fell foul of the environmental “moratorium” requiring any new development in much of the county to demonstrate it would not add to river pollution.

The proposal drew 28 public objections at the time and was also opposed by the parish council.


But the revised bid points out that a new version of the village’s development plan does not include a settlement boundary, nor does it propose specific areas for new housing. The sewage and parking questions are also addressed.

And the water pollution issue is to be dealt with by the new orchard, which would make the development “nutrient-positive” overall, according to an accompanying technical note.

And a land study with the application says that while the site “could comprise of BMV (best, most versatile) quality land”, the loss of “such a small area” should be given “very limited weight”.

The application can be commented via the Herefordshire Council webpage until April 20.

A plan to build two houses at the corner of Meadow Drive immediately to the north of the field was refused in January.