A new attempt is being made to convert traditional barns on a farm just outside Hereford into four homes, and to build a further four houses alongside.

Nick Taylor of Home Farm, north of the A465 Belmont Road, made a similar bid last spring but later withdrew it following official and public objections.

The new proposal for the farm buildings (numbered 240590) “accommodates design changes recommended by Herefordshire Council”, his application says.


The “redundant and disused” barns, one of which is grade II listed, would be turned into pairs of semi-detached homes, two of three bedrooms and two of two bedrooms.

Clearing more modern sheds to the north and northeast would meanwhile provide space for four new houses, of one and one-and-a-half storeys, clad in timber and red brick with sheet metal roofs.


Slightly smaller and in a more compact layout than in the previous proposal, these would “take their design cues from the two barns to be converted”, while sitting at lower level to them and “ensuring no unacceptable impact on existing housing adjoining the site”, the application says.

The existing road access onto the A465 would be slightly widened.

Comments on the application can be made via Herefordshire Council’s planning webpage until April 13.