A LARGE amount of rubbish has been dumped outside a historic Herefordshire home.

David Hadley has sent us photos of the waste that was left outside the entrance to Kenchester Court overnight. It is where a bridlepath crosses the C1097 Kenchester to Bishopstone road.

As well as a wooden table and bags of rubbish, there appears to be a children's car left on its side. 


It comes after the Hereford Times revealed where the fly-tipping hotspots were in the county

During 2023, Herefordshire Council says there were 924 reports of fly-tipping in Herefordshire last year, with the Dinedor Hill ward being the most prolific area with 50. 

Other hotspots include Penyard (46), Ross North (35), Wormside (35) and Ledbury South (33).

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Of these, 227 were investigated by Herefordshire Council, with half (114) being in the Central ward area of Hereford. However, only 11 (4.84 per cent) have led to prosecutions. 

Recently, a landscape was ordered to pay more than £2,500 in fines and costs for illegally dumping waste from his business and setting fire to it in Hereford.

After discovering the fire, police were concerned that nearby houses could catch fire, and had to wake up the neighbours and call the fire service.

Shaun Smith, of Putson Avenue in Hereford, had set fire to his rubbish near the Travelodge at Grafton in Hereford.

He admitted three charges of fly-tipping and failing to use an authorised waste service before Hereford magistrates.

Valentin Catalin Ene also entered two guilty pleas to counts of depositing controlled waste on land without a permit and handling, controlling or transferring waste without taking reasonable measures when he appeared before magistrates in Hereford this month.