PLANS to bring a much-missed Herefordshire bus route back have been further delayed.

The return of the 420 route from Bromyard to Worcester via Whitbourne, which was scrapped in 2022, has been hit by a series of delays.

The services, which used to leave Bromyard at 9.40am and 1pm, returning at 10.30am and 1.50am, were cut, leaving just the 7.05am bus from Bromyard and 5pm bus from Worcester operated by First Worcestershire.

Hopes were raised when it was revealed in November that a new 420 route could be on the horizon in meeting minutes from North Bromyard Group Parish Council.


Herefordshire councillor Peter Stoddart told the meeting that Herefordshire Council's transport officer had informed him that a new 420 route from Bromyard to Worcester via Whitbourne would operate from Monday to Saturday, pending final financial approval, after a meeting with bus operating companies.

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"This will provide an hourly service and will be implemented before Christmas," Coun Stoddart said, confirming that a Department for Transport bus cap would be in force at £2.50 one way and £5 return.

In December, however, the councillor told Bromyard Town Council that the transportation officer had informed him that the 420 route was not progressing as quickly as he would have liked due to a requirement to go out to tender, with the scheme looking "likely to start in February or March".

But in a new update revealed in council minutes from February, Coun Stoddart said Herefordshire Council had been keen to have the 420 route from Bromyard to Worcester fully agreed with the bus company by the end of February.

"However, due to the council officer waiting for an operator to return their pricing plan it is looking like it will be March before we get this up and running," Coun Stoddart said.