THE housing development at Gorsty Common Clehonger is moving towards completion, and there will soon be many more families and children living there.

Within 200 metres of this housing development is an open water hazard in the private grounds of Cagebrook House.

Herefordshire Council, Eaton Bishop Parish Council and Clehonger Parish Council have all been aware of this unfenced or inadequately fenced source of public danger since May 2020.

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All three councils possess the legal powers to remedy this situation. Clearly, they are waiting for the drowning fatality of the first child, before wringing their hands and talking about lessons learnt.

If you are a parent in Clehonger parish, please be aware of the location of this pond which represents a normal hazard in the summer, but is most dangerous to children in the winter if the pond freezes over.


Eaton Bishop