DO you remember this lost Hereford pub?

The Gamecock in Holme Lacy Road, Hereford, closed in 2010, and is now a Tesco Express.

The pub was well-known for its warm atmosphere, sports bar and pub grub. It was renovated in 1986 when Chris and Sue Fisher took it over and spent £52,000 on giving it a facelift.

But its heyday was not to last, and by October 2010, the writing was on the wall for the pub as Tesco announced plans to convert it.

Members of the We Grew Up in Hereford group have been reminiscing and sharing their memories of the long-lost pub.

Lots of locals look back fondly on the time they spent at the pub, with some treasured memories of family events like anniversaries and wedding receptions.

Julie Welch said: "Growing up in Hinton our local was the Gamecock. Had some good nights out there. We had mum and dad's 25th wedding anniversary party there. It was a total surprise for them. We got all our family and friends to hide."

Cheryl Brown commented "My mam drank in there" while Steve Scott, who said he was a "Hinton lad", reminisced: "Gamecock was a great pub in '70s and '80s, and my local."

Others said they had celebrated their wedding days at the pub in the mid-'70s.

Expressing disappointment at the closure of many city pubs over the years, David Ellsum said: "We had so many pubs then. Now trying to find a good pub is nearly impossible."

Jamie Francis added: "Gamecock was a good pub. Shame Tesco took it over!"


At the time of Tesco's bid for the pub, campaigners had collected dozens of signatures calling against the conversion, and there was even a protest against it. 

Councillor Chris Chappell had called on Hereford MP Jesse Norman to take the petition to the House of Commons.

But unfortunately for the locals who wanted to keep the pub, the campaign was unsuccessful and the Tesco Express remains today.