HEREFORD'S nightlife has been slammed as the "worst" in the UK on social media app Tiktok.

The Tiktok account Top UK Lists posted a list of the top 25 cities "with the worst nightlife" and named Hereford number one.

Other cities featured on the list include Carlisle, Bath and Wakefield.

The Tiktok video has accumulated nearly a million views, with over 15,000 likes. TOP 25 CITIES WITH THE 💩EST NIGHTLIFE!! #topUKlists #unitedkingdom #uk #top25 #HEREFORD ♬ original sound - UK Facts - Top UK Lists

Many of the comments refer to Hereford taking the top spot, with Tom Birchy writing "You leave our Hereford alone" and another commenter called "Nosh" saying "Oi. Hereford ain't that bad."

But others agreed with the damning criticism of Hereford's nightlife, with Mabon Melbourne writing "Hereford's got to be the most boring place on earth" and user "Then Montana" saying "First time I've seen one of these lists spot on."

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The criticism comes despite the recent opening of a new nightclub called Trilogy in Hereford, which replaced Play in Blueschool Street.

Other nightlife spots in Hereford include the Kerry, Venue, Saxtys, Hogarths, Gordon Bennetts and Rubix, as well as plenty of pubs around the city.

Hereford City Life, a brand of Hereford BID, showcases the best of the city centre, and says that "Hereford comes alive after dark".

The City Life website says: "Sip cocktails in a rooftop bar, or dance the night away at one of the city's nightclubs. Find Hereford's hippest hotspots or tastiest takeaways."