A LANDSLIDE-hit Herefordshire main road is still shut a week on, with National Highways explaining why it's taking so long to clear.

The landslide happened on Friday, February 9, closing the A40  in both directions between Ross-on-Wye and Monmouth.

The westbound side of the dual carriageway reopened last weekend, but the eastbound side remains closed.

A diversion is in place and people are being asked to seek alternative routes.

National Highways said safety was its "main priority" and that people would not be put at risk. 

"We must be certain that there will not be further rock fall that will put people using our road at risk," said Angela Williams, the engineering team manager.

She added that specialist contractors have been brought in to ensure that the slope adjacent to the landslide won't be destabilised, and that work is needed to ensure this stability.

"This isn't just a case of clearing away the debris and opening the road back up again.

"One of the lanes will remain closed until work is completed.

"We appreciate people's patience while important repairs are carried out."


However, some drivers have been taking to social media to complain about the added travel time for the diversion.

Ryan Parker said it took him an hour longer than usual to travel from Abergavenny to Ross-on-Wye.

He said: "That's time I have to take out of my day. It's impacting our business, and it will be for loads of people.

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"I know it's a naturally occurring event but they could surely do things to try and stop it. They could take more precautions and keep an eye on it, and I hope they will do that from now on."

Jesse Norman, the member of parliament for south Herefordshire, asked National Highways about the delay in reopening the road, writing on Twitter: "When can we expect this to end? Will you put in a contraflow?"

National Highways responded saying that steps were being taken to put barriers in place but that no timeframe had been set.