HEREFORD Council are at it again, spending £32,000 from council reserves towards £230,500 for 12 green bus shelters at Hereford bus station (The cost of new ‘green’ bus shelters, February 7).

What green planet are these councillors from? Do they really believe that planting sedum on the roofs of 12 bus shelters will save the world?


Apparently no one in Herefordshire knows how to build a bus shelter so they engage a company from a Berkshire to supply them for just over £19,166 each. At a cost of approximately £666 per square foot it would be cheaper to construct new shelters on site and include a botanical garden with deck chairs on the roof.

I would have expected the Conservatives to roll back on these ridiculous green policies and spend our taxes on more pressing issues within our city.

What are your thoughts?

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What are they doing about the pervasive smells that cover the city from certain industries and the ever growing food outlets?

What are they doing about the increasing traffic problems and the associated pollution? This will not be solved by gardens on bus shelters.

I ask councillors to do what is right for Hereford and its people and not pay deference to civil servants and their agendas.