AS a cyclist and car owner I feel the need to express appreciation for the St Owen Street cycle lane in response to frequent moaning about this.

Mr Riga’s letter (February 1) was factually wrong. The cycle lane has not led to a lack of parking spaces.

I have just been down St Owen Street to check and there are parking spaces alongside the cycle lane for its whole length and on both sides of the road. There were plenty of free spaces.


Good use has been made of the wide road to allow both drivers and cyclists to use the road safely.

Before, cyclists had to dismount and push their bikes the length of St Owen Street, either on the pavement or in the road, both unsafe. Because of the one way system there was no circular route through the centre.

Thoughtless criticism of council spending on making sustainable transport easier, safer and more attractive, ignores the vital value that this has of lowering air pollution levels and cutting carbon emissions in a world facing a climate emergency. I am in my late 70s and love zipping into town on my bike. It’s quick, good exercise, no parking worries, and I feel good knowing that I am not pumping out toxic car exhaust into the air we all breathe.

What are your thoughts?

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My car sits outside most of the time, only used when I need to go further afield or to carry something too heavy for the bike.

Finally, a word in support of our libraries, another of Mr Riga’s targets. Public funding for community facilities, culture and the arts can are often the first for the chop with the pressure on council funds, but money isn’t all that matters.

I’m sure many feel the loss of the Broad Street Library and are wondering when, and even if, it will be replaced with the state-of-the-art facility we were led to hope for. Hereford is a historic city and cultural hub, it is unthinkable that it shouldn’t have an excellent modern library.

Please, Herefordshire Council, make delivering this a priority.