IN these difficult days when supposedly we have no money to fix potholes, repair our schools, maintain our hospitals, look after our senior citizens, children services and times are hard with the cost of living, obviously there is something that our councillors and council officers know that we do not.

On January 25, the HT reported that £5.8m is being spent on revising our refuse collection – what for? The service we currently receive is excellent and does the job.


A few pages later, it reported that £200,000 is to be spent on the painting of walls.

Let’s not forget that £1m has been spent on a cycle path in St Owen Street, probably one of the widest streets in Hereford and hardly a major busy street with loads of space for cars, bikes and car parking now we have half the parking spaces and a cycle route that is hardly used.

What are your thoughts?

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The Maylord Orchard shopping centre cost £4.5m to buy and now needs a further £87,000 to repair the roof, while moss trees came at a cost of £200,000, and the proposed new library will set us back £3.5m.

I think I have it: Herefordshire Council doesn’t have a money tree, it’s the moss trees!