FOLLOWING hot on the heels of the James Blunt Museum, another telephone box in Herefordshire has paid homage to a celebrity. 

The Gary Lineker Museum can be found in Michaelchurch Escley - a mere two-and-a-half miles away.

Like the James Blunt one, which can be found in Urishay, near Peterchurch, the museum pokes fun at the former England footballer, who presents Match of the Day.


It starts by showing a picture of Lineker in just his shorts, which he infamously wore while presenting the BBC programme after his beloved Leicester City won the Premier League in 2016.

Other anecdotes includes him soiling himself while playing for England at the 1990 World Cup and selling fruit and vegetables with his dad. 

The museum also mentions that he isn't afraid to express his opinions, while there is a photo of himself with his three sons, 'a boyband that never quite got off the ground'.

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And just like the James Blunt Museum, you can take a photo of Lineker as a memento. 

Because of the close proximity of the two museums, it seems that they were created by the same person. However, no one has yet come forward, so did we have our own Banksy in the county?

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