OVER the years, I have been to many iconic museums, such as the Louvre in Paris and the 9/11 Memorial and Museum in New York. 

However, even though the latest one I visited may not be in the same league in terms of architecture or history, it is one that I will remember fondly in years to come. 

A telephone box in the Golden Valley has been turned into a museum dedicated to singer James Blunt. 

Its appearance came to national attention when Blunt - famous for his best-selling hit You're Beautiful - replied to a tweet telling him about the museum. 


The singer has built up a core following due to his replies, and this one was no different, saying that it is free entry for both of his fans. 

So, as it was the last day of the school holidays and wanting to pop out for a couple of hours, myself and my children went to find 'the fantastic cultural experience'. 

During the drive, I did feel a bit bad when my eldest asked if we had to pay to get in - neither she or her brother had an idea what they were about to see, although I did pre-warn them that 'it's just a telephone box that has been turned into a museum'. 

To get to it, you turn off towards Urishay on the B4348 at Peterchurch and past Fairfield High School. 

Carrying along the narrow single track, you go past the castle chapel on your left before continuing up the hill. Then, in all its glory is the museum on the left-hand side, nestled on the grass verge by Urishay Court. 

Hereford Times: The museum is in Urishay, near PeterchurchThe museum is in Urishay, near Peterchurch (Image: Paul Rogers/Hereford Times)

There is a lack of parking, so I just pulled up before myself and my children had a look inside. It is full of facts about the singer, including that he used to be in the army but left because he didn't like it.

Hereford Times: The James Blunt Museum features pictures and facts about the singerThe James Blunt Museum features pictures and facts about the singer (Image: Paul Rogers/Hereford Times)

Other pictures in the museum highlight his skills as a shadow puppeteer and his lack of connection to actress Emily Blunt.

There is also a picture of the cover of You're Beautiful, with a caption reading: "James Blunt's hit made a lot of people cry."

And to remember your time at the museum, you can take a picture saying you have been there, although it is of Texas singer Sharleen Spiteri rather than James Blunt. 

Hereford Times: A keepsake to remember your time at the museumA keepsake to remember your time at the museum (Image: Paul Rogers/Hereford Times)

While I was there, I popped to a nearby house to see if anyone knew who created the museum. Sadly, the woman didn't, although she did say she would love to know. 

And so would I as it has brought a lot of smiles to many people, not least to James Blunt. 

  • Did you create the museum or know who did? Email paul.rogers@newsquest.co.uk