OUTRAGE has been sparked by an ‘atrocious’ parking situation in a Herefordshire town.

Concerns have been raised about the high number of cars parking along a segment of Leominster’s Worcester Road, often making one of the lanes impassable, blocking off junctions, and causing difficulties for shoppers visiting Station Yard and heavy goods vehicles accessing the Berry factory.

Many have demanded that double-yellow lines be put in place to put a stop to the ongoing issue but whilst a traffic regulation order for such a measure is in progress, there is no guarantee that it will be carried out.


Over 100 locals have recently taken to social media to express their opinions on the situation.

John Hawkins said: “Parking along there is atrocious.

“The sooner they put double yellows the better but I can't see traffic wardens going that far from town centre very often.

“If drivers knew the highway code they shouldn't park within a certain distance of a road junction or facing oncoming traffic, but we don't have anyone who can be bothered to get out of a vehicle and deal with it.”

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Sarah Evans chimed in, she said: “I definitely agree.

“I have been stuck trying to pull out of water works lane, then when I do get out I’m waiting again.

“I’m patient and don’t mind waiting now and again but it’s every day at all times, yes it’s good for the shops but not for the factory opposite.”

Not everyone is so concerned, however, and instead see the high number of parked cars as indicative of a healthy number of visitors coming to the town and contributing to its economy.

Rhianna James said: “I don't think it's a problem.

“I don't mind waiting to pass, to be fair, as people park there because the coffee shop and charity shop car park is full.

“Happy that people are accessing those shops to be honest.

“I understand it can get a bit annoying though.”