A POPULAR Herefordshire county show has been cancelled for the second year running.

Bromyard Gala is a two-day steam and rally country show, held annually on the last weekend of June at Avenbury, near Bromyard.

However, a lack of volunteers mean that it won't go ahead this year.


"Past and present volunteers have been invaluable, dedicating their time year-round," said the Bromyard Gala committee.

"We appreciate ideas, but due to insufficient volunteers Bromyard Gala faces a real risk without support.

"It's a ''use it or lose it'' scenario, and we hope for renewed community backing to prevent its loss to Bromyard.

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"If suggestions have been made where feedback or acknowledgment has not been given, we will look into this and ensure that this not the case going forward. We thank you all for your support over the last few years."

Last year, it was the cost of living crisis that resulted in the event not going ahead, as well as health and safety requirements. 

At the time, the committee thanked everyone for their support, adding that they look forward to seeing them again in 2024.