DO YOU remember this lost Hereford shop?

Founded in the 1970s, Buzz Music in Widemarsh Street was the go-to place for music lovers from across the county, selling a variety of instruments and all the latest records as well as providing guitar lessons.

Buzz was a popular haunt of many well-known bands who operated in the area such as Mott the Hoople, the Enid, Karakorum and the Pretenders who are said to have written their hit single ‘Brass in Pocket’ in the shop.

The building that Buzz called home was eventually demolished in 1990 to make way for the Garrick House multi-storey car park. But the shop lives on in the form of a popular Facebook group that was originally dedicated to the retailer but has now become an online hub of sorts for avid music enthusiasts, composers, producers, sound engineers, and performers.


Members of We Grew Up in Hereford have been sharing their memories of the much-missed shop.

Dave Tyler said: “I looked in the window and saw a faded cassette, I went in and bought it.

“I cannot remember the price but it was by Mountain and called Flowers of Evil.

“I still have it but I also bought years later the cd.

“This was in 1973.”

Plenty of locals have fond memories of browsing the shop on weekends and enjoying the atmosphere.

John Kemeys said: “Spent many a happy hour there, soaking up the vibe

“Somehow more 'real' than Chadds or Woolworths record departments.”

Richard Mattey chimed in. He said: “Visited many Saturdays.

“Enjoyed the ‘buzz’ discussing bands and albums.

“Bought many albums and had a few guitar lessons in the music equipment room which I think was downstairs.”