Do you remember this lost Hereford nightclub?

Cherry’s Disco, based in the Classics Cinema building in Commercial Street, was a popular venue throughout the 1970s and early 1980s and is widely considered the city’s first ‘proper discotheque’.

The venue ran for only a short time, from 1976 to 1982, but it left a deep impression in the minds of locals and continues to be well-remembered for its music, atmosphere and fun.

The building in which the disco made its home was demolished in 1985 and redeveloped into the Maylord Orchards shopping centre, sparking outrage as the Classics Cinema’s unique and authentic art-deco interior was destroyed to make way for the project.

The memory of Cherry’s Disco lives on, however, and a Cherry’s reunion group consisting of many of the club’s original DJs hosts an annual nostalgia night at the Left Bank, keeping the iconic venue alive for both the original revellers and those who weren’t there to experience it the first time around.


Members of We Grew Up in Hereford have been reminiscing about the city’s most famous disco.

Julie Dawn Breen said: “I have many memories of the place including meeting my second Husband Ivor used to collect the glasses there for years and was known to most people that went there.

“Thursday nights was when all the girls from work would go there together to dance and drink ‘til late.

“I also remember sitting on the floor with everyone doing ‘oops upside your head’”.

Ian Sandford joined in, he said: “My Dad worked behind the bar in the seventies.

“I got to know a few of the DJs, Bryan Morris, Kevin Jones, Chris Powys, Rob Symonds, Mike Marshall.

“I used to go in on an afternoon and play on the decks occasionally. Happy days.”

A popular night out for many locals included catching a film at the Classics, also known as the Odeon or the Focus, before dancing the evening away at Cherry’s.

“I remember watching ‘The Warriors’ at the Odeon, in May of 1979, then going to Cherry’s after the film,” said Richard Sockett.

“This was obviously well before the White Elephant that was Maylord Orchards.

“Anyway, we got into cherry’s after that film and nothing so terribly drastic occurred!”