OVERFLOWING litter bins have become a persistent problem in a Herefordshire town.

Recently published minutes from a Leominster Town Council meeting revealed that people have continued to report overflowing waste in the town, despite the council being aware of the ongoing issue for multiple months.

The environment and grounds supervisor has reportedly spoken to Balfour Beatty about the problem but, as they are currently short of two operatives, they claim that they are finding it difficult to empty all of the bins in the county.


It was noted that overflowing bins should still be reported to Balfour Beatty so that they can deal with the issue.

At a previous meeting, the councillors were keen to clarify that, despite claims on social media, the town council is not responsible for emptying the bins in town and that it is the responsibility of Balfour Beatty.

However, the town council is obligated to maintain the bins in its public open spaces including the Grange, the churchyard, Sydonia and Ginhall Green.