A DOG attack in a Herefordshire town has left a family shaken.

Police are currently investigating a report that a dog bit another dog on Cornhill Road in Leominster at around 7.50 am on January 8, leading to urgent veterinary treatment.

Lorna Earlstone said that her 76-year-old mother was walking her dog, a terrier, in the area whilst it was still dark when she was approached by a woman walking a border collie and a large, black, labrador-type dog on a lead.


She claimed that the collie, which was not on a lead, initially interacted with the terrier well but then the black dog lunged forward, pulling its owner along with it, and took the terrier in its mouth, clamping down.

The owner allegedly refused to help whilst Ms Earlstone’s mother attempted to assist her dog, leading to her being bitten and losing a nail. In shock, she supported herself against a post before eventually falling to the floor, with the owner taking the opportunity to gather her dogs and flee the scene.

The terrier was left with ‘horrific’ injuries, the bite having reportedly pierced through to the muscle, and it was soon rushed to the vets, where it remains as of January 9.

Ms Earlstone said: “For that to happen, we were so in shock.

“I’m very worried about other people in the area, children even.

“I’m not blaming the dog; I’m blaming the owner.”

Ms Earlstone said she believed the owner remained unidentified, and that she is keen for the owner of the two dogs and any witnesses to come forward.

A spokesperson for West Mercia  Police said enquiries are ongoing.