NEW hope could be on the horizon for a bypass in Hereford.

Sir Bill Wiggin, MP for North Herefordshire, is due to meet with Minister for Roads and Local Transport Guy Opperman MP to discuss funding options for the much-needed Hereford bypass.

This follows Sir Bill’s adjournment debate on rural transport on Monday evening, in which he highlighted the importance of the bypass.

Debate has raged in Hereford's bypass should follow an eastern route, a western route, or should even happen at all.

During the debate, Mr Opperman offered to meet with Sir Bill and the local authority about how the bypass may be funded.


Sir Bill also wrote to the Government in November about this issue and has since received a response from Mr Opperman outlining potential funding opportunities.

Mr Opperman also acknowledges in his response the lack of support that the bypass received from Herefordshire’s previous Green-Independent council, a spokesperson for Sir Bill said.

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Sir Bill said: “I am delighted that there may be more funding opportunities for the bypass on the horizon.

"The importance of the bypass to Hereford’s transport infrastructure cannot be overstated, despite its neglect by the previous Green independent council.

"I look forward to meeting with the Minister to discuss how we may bring about a bypass for Hereford in due course.”