A PEAR tree will be cut down in a bid to stop wasps descending on a garden in Herefordshire.

The tree, which is in a garden in Pear Tree Close in Much Dewchurch, was subject to a tree protection order.  

An application submitted to Herefordshire Council's planning department earlier this year said the applicant wanted to apply for the removal of both of the perry pear trees in their garden in the close, both of which were protected, but did not state a reason for this.


But a meeting of Much Dewchurch parish council heard that the applicant was having "very real troubles" with the trees, with minutes revealing the complainant had claimed the trees represent a health and safety hazard due to the large number of wasps they attract.

The parish council agreed to support his application to have them removed and write a letter of support to get the tree protection order removed.

A planning officer's report said the applicant had concerns with the condition of the trees, which were showing some decay due to their age.

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The report said that adjacent gardens both had mature pear trees which had been granted permission to reduce them to "mitigate the likelihood of failures".

Officer Oliver Kaye said he believed the loss of one tree was acceptable as it would appease concerns while retaining the remnants of what was a perry orchard, while the reduction of the remaining tree was also acceptable. 

The large, mature pear trees long predate the homes in the street, for which permission was granted in 2021.

Permission was granted for the removal of one pear tree and the reduction of a second by one metre.