WHETHER you have moved to the area recently or are a lifelong Herefordian, you'll be aware of some of the cultural attractions and popular destinations the county has.

We asked our readers to name the places in Herefordshire that they think everyone should visit at least once.

Here are 10 of the places you named as must-visits.

Hereford Cathedral

Hereford Times: Hereford Cathedral is in the centre of the city, with beautiful architecture and a rich history.

Kilpeck Church

Hereford Times: The church of St Mary and St David, KilpeckAn intriguing church near Pontrilas, this church provides an insight into the history of our region possibly dating as far back as 640AD.

Goodrich Castle

Hereford Times: If you haven't visited Goodrich Castle, you're missing out on a fascinating cultural attraction in our county. The castle was built in the 11th century, and stands above the village of Goodrich and the river Wye. 

Hampton Court Castle 

Hereford Times: Hampton Court Castle will host the British Red Cross' fundraising event next April.A large castle with extensive grounds, the Hampton Court Castle offers green spaces, a cafe, and gardens.

Black and White House

Hereford Times: The Black & White House Museum, HerefordThis local museum is a great place to learn about Hereford's history, particularly what life was like in the 17th century.

Waterworks Museum

Hereford Times: A prominent cultural attraction in Hereford, the Waterworks Museum showcases plenty of local history.


Hereford Times: Queenswood is located about five miles from Leominster. It offers stunning countryside views.

Bodenham Lake

Hereford Times: Bodenham Lake is a place where locals and visitors can go for walks and watch beautiful Herefordshire wildlife, including birds and aquatic species.

Brockhampton Estate

Hereford Times: Brockhampton Hall in Herefordshire appears in a new National Trust bookOwned by the National Trust, Brockhampton Estate is a peaceful spot for a walk.


Beefy Boys

Hereford Times: Beefy Boys founders Christian, Lee, Dan, and MurfA restaurant in Hereford's Old Market, Beefy Boys is known for its delicious burgers.