A MYSTERIOUS sound was heard in a Herefordshire town, baffling locals.

An unidentified roaring noise was apparently heard throughout Kington in the early morning of October 28, causing people to head to the internet for answers.

“Did anyone hear the big ‘boom’ at 1.45am Thursday morning?” asked Roger Sweetman on social media. His question received many replies, but no clear answers as to the source of the sound.

Whilst a number of people were reportedly startled by the 'boom', nobody has been able to put forth an explanation that everyone is satisfied by, with many disagreeing about the time at which the sound occurred.


Kim Christie said: "I heard it. It was really loud and spooky."

Speculation abounded on local Facebook groups, with some believing that it was a sonic boom, and others claiming that the sound is a regularly occurring phenomenon.

One of the more sensible theories submitted was that the noise was simply thunder heard from afar or the result of heavy rain and strong wind, but that hasn't stopped locals coming up with their own explanations, leaving the sound unidentified.