A HEREFORDSHIRE postmaster has been continuing his campaign to stop the government from scrapping Post Office services.

Last month, Kington Main postmaster Tim Allen was amongst those who delivered a petition signed by over 100,000 people to 10 Downing Street, demanding that the government reverse its decision to stop post offices from offering DVLA services, including those related to road tax, by March 31 2024.

He argued that DVLA services were an important source of income, especially for rural post offices, and were vital for people who do not use the internet.

After over a month of deliberation, it has been announced that Mr Allen alongside the National Federation of SubPostmasters, MP Marion Fellows and the Chair of the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Post Offices have been successful in their mission, with the DVLA and Post Office LTD signing an extension to their contract.

The contract is a one-year rolling contract for up to three years, with both parties having to agree at the end of each year if the contract will continue for the following year.


Mr Allen said: “I heard the news that the DVLA have reversed its decision to terminate our ability to provide road tax with a mixture of delight and relief.

“When so many people are involved in a campaign like this it’s hard to know where the credit lies but the power of the petition and the signature of the individual are clearly alive and well when the cause is important enough.

“Let’s hope we see DVLA reminders, with the Post Office as a means to pay, reinstated on them in the next few weeks to wipe away the shame of their removal in the first place.

“I look forward to spreading the news to our customers and more people than ever taxing their vehicles with us.”

A spokesperson for the National Federation of Subpostmasters said: “More than six million people use the post office network for accessing DVLA services each year, and essential local and central government services need to be available to the general public.

“The post office network is the only infrastructure able to provide that and Government needs to ensure these services are always available.”