DO you remember this lost Hereford bar and nightclub?

Manhattans in St Peters Street was set up by Andy Catley and Mark Spalding in 1993 as the Manhattans Suite and Video Bar. It quickly became popular with the local rock, metal and biker scene, with its upstairs Liberty’s nightclub attracting a more commercial crowd with many bands also performing at the venue.

After almost two decades in the city, Manhattans eventually closed its doors on October 8, 2011, with Mr Catley saying that the rise of mobile phones had changed the way people socialize and driven away customers.

Members of We Grew Up in Hereford have been reminiscing about the club during its time as one of Hereford’s go-to spots.


Many recall wild nights out at the watering hole, with Tim Price saying: “Oh good grief, I remember those days.

“The main memory I remember is Dave Kamas, me, and a few others drinking that place absolutely dry of wild brew one Saturday.

“When I say dry, I mean no bottles left. Was one hell of a session, which we dubbed liver killer.

“Had some awesome times there back in the day.”

Dave Kamas chimed in with some memories of his own, he said: “Halloween 1997, I spent £790, wanted to blow a grand but ran out of booze.

“We went back the next day and blew the rest.

“Fun, fun, fun times.”

For some locals Manhattans holds a special place in their memories, being where they met partners and lifelong friends.

Jaymz Chamberlain said: “Met my wife there nearly 20 years ago.

“Spent many an hour sat on the old church pews in the corner downstairs.

“Almost saw Wurzel from Motorhead play there but he got so drunk before he came on we had to leave.”