IT is unclear what contribution to Herefordshire Sir Bill Wiggin has made.

It would appear as if he is positioning himself behind hopeful leaders such as Braverman in the recent Net Zero rebellion vote should the Tory party lose the next election and spark a leadership contest, which appears to be the prediction thus far.


Given that this MP has consistently voted in favour of reducing funding for councils each session, he has helped decimate social care, the NHS and public transport matters. He also appears in favour of food banks and victimising those on social security, which appears to be a favourite pastime of the Tories.

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His views on supporting car drivers are equally confusing, where in one breath he blames local green councils for the appalling road conditions, but accepts no liabilities for the constant cuts in central funding under his voting record. Such have produced a deficit to fix roads which, as the Asphalt Industry Alliance said in 2022, would cost £12.64 billion to put right. Pothole repair is expensive and inefficient. The Balfour Beatty contract is hugely problematic.

Poverty is rising and life expectancy is falling under Wiggin’s watch. Taxes are constantly rising and resulting in less productivity, improvement and standards of life! Why would this area vote for him again when he cares so little about the majority of people he allegedly represents?