HEREFORD'S MP has been appointed to the Defence Select Committee just weeks after his resignation from Government.

Jesse Norman, whose Hereford and South Herefordshire constituency includes Herefordshire's Stirling Lines SAS camp, has welcomed his election last week by fellow MPs to the House of Commons Defence Select Committee.

Mr Norman said it was a great honour to have been elected by his colleagues to the committee.

The MP, who was formerly minister for decarbonisation and technology at the Department for Transport, said when he announced his resignation that he had “felt quite constrained by the rules of office in what I can say publicly about other aspects of public policy, notably in relation to the urgent need to clean up the Wye”.

"When I left the government three weeks ago it was in part so that I could speak louder in public on the things that matter most to my constituents," he said on December 11. 


"There is nothing that matters more than our national defence, and especially in Herefordshire, which has a glorious tradition of commitment to and support of our armed forces.

"The defence committee is already making a significant impact by pressing the government to do more in areas such as military readiness, the welfare and training of the armed forces, procurement and the nature of future warfare.

"I will hope to draw on my own experience, especially in technology, in supporting and extending the committee's work in future, for the benefit of our county and our country."