I HAVE written to Herefordshire Council to express my misgivings about its decision to site the refurbished library in the Shirehall.

I feel this decision has been made with the primary driver being to find an economic use for the building, rather than what is in the best interest of the library service.


My career was in public libraries for over 30 years, mostly in central Norwich, mainly in a management role, and I feel I have experience of and insight into the provision of city centre library services.

What are your thoughts?

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In my opinion, a serious error of judgement has been made to not take up the opportunity of a city-centre location in Maylord Orchards. This would offer for greater opportunities to engage with customers, especially passers-by and would not be shut away and enclosed like the Shirehall, but be open and welcoming. I am not alone in experiencing these concerns.

There needs to be a closer examination with public scrutiny of all the pros and cons of this issue, which will have a lasting impact of the revitalisation of Hereford.

Moving the main central library permanently away from the city centre will certainly work against this.