DO you remember this lost Hereford street?

If you stand in front of Spa Motors, formerly Steels, and look towards Eign Gate and Bewell Street you will be met with the site of the ring road, your view of the traffic will be broken only by the occasional concrete and metal barrier. There would be little indication that you were, in fact, standing on the same site as the once bustling intersection between Victoria Street and Eign Street.

The section was once home to a variety of interesting shops, unique buildings and two pubs, the Red Lion and the Victoria Vaults, but it was lost during the mid-1960s when it was demolished to make way for the ring road.


Members of our We Grew Up in Hereford group on Facebook have been reminiscing and sharing their memories of the street that no longer stands.

Among many locals, it seems there is a feeling of nostalgia and loss when it comes to Victoria Street.

“So much character,” said Chris Jordan.

“They destroyed so much.

“Should have been built further out like a true ring road.”

Mike Wilce chimed in, saying: “Hereford certainly looked a much more interesting and quaint place back then.”

Many members of the group say they remember when the first set of traffic lights in Hereford were erected at the Victoria Street junction.

Richard Sockett said: “I always remember, my Mum recalled when there was only one set of traffic lights in Hereford.

“Apparently when they were set up it was a real novelty for Hereford drivers.

“Of course, there were much fewer cars on the road at that time, any comparison with today is completely off the scale.”