A SURGERY near Hereford could close down.

Hereford Medical Group (HMG) is consulting locals on whether the Credenhill Branch Surgery in Meadow Drive should be closed.

Prior to the pandemic the surgery was open for half days Monday to Friday, but is now currently used mainly for storage of patient records. The group suggests that the closure of the site would allow the premises to be redeveloped into a usable community asset.


HMG also expressed concern that the premises is not purpose built, unlike all the other buildings the group operates, and instead is based in a converted retail unit. This has meant that the surgery does not meet disability access requirements and limited options to change, they say.

The surgery has also listed the clinical environment needing significant investment, the safety risk presented by having unwell patients at a remote site, the lack of a dispensary at the site, and the opinion that keeping it open would result in a reduction in service at other sites as reasons to shut the surgery down for good.

The consultation form can be found online and physically at any of the HMG branches.