A NEW Herefordshire pub will ban tracksuits and other items of overly casual clothing as part of its dress code.

The Ducker bar in South Street, Leominster has been rebranded as ‘the Quarters’ and will implement a clear dress code when it reopens its doors on December 9.

Hoodies, tracksuits and joggers banned at new Herefordshire pub, with a spokesperson saying: “It’s the weekend, get your glad rags on.”

The team behind the Quarters were keen to stress that people wearing trainers, jeans, jumpers and t-shirts would all be welcomed.


The measure has mostly been well-received by locals, with many taking to social media to voice their support.

“Good for you, I think it is an excellent idea,” commented Sammy Fairbanks on the pub’s Facebook page.

“Majority of people going into most bars and pubs in Leominster don't wear the above on a normal night out.

“Workmen popping in for a quick pint on the way home already have their locals they enjoy going into.

“Obviously the Quarters is going to be different to anywhere else in Leominster so instead of moaning and being so negative get your glad rags on and be supportive of a new venture.

“People always moan Leominster is boring, well here is something new.”

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Additionally, the new owners were keen to make clear that they would be taking a strict stance regarding drugs, stating that anybody caught using or distributing drugs on the premises would receive an immediate and permanent ban.

Whilst many locals have mourned the loss of the Ducker bar, excitement is now growing for the watering hole’s next chapter.