Update after Hereford car wash closes after car mirrors snap off

A HEREFORD car wash has had to temporarily close after a car lost both of its wing mirrors.

IMO in Mortimer Road is popular with many people, and regularly gets busy. 

However, earlier today (November 17), a Ford Fiesta got damaged as it attempted to go through.

It means that the car wash is currently closed for maintenance work to be carried out. 


Just yesterday (November 16), another vehicle had a similar problem which caused one of its wing mirrors to come off. 

Drivers are advised to take their foot off the brake, and not to apply the handbrake. 

The vehicle should also be in neutral. 

"This morning, everything was fine but then a car smashed both of its mirrors," said Hawbashi Mustafi, who works at the car wash. 

"The brush is a little bit not right because of yesterday's accident. I cannot put any cars through."