A HEREFORD petrol station has re-opened after a delay.

Asda has rebranded the forecourt in Holmer Road, with the previous Co-op having closed on November 8.

The refurbished petrol station and shop was set to reopen at 10am yesterday (November 10), but failed to open on time, having opened later in the day yesterday than originally planned.

Today, the petrol station and shop are open again as normal. It looks very similar to the previous premises, including a Costa Coffee machine. Fuel prices are 149.7p for petrol and 157.7p for diesel at the time of writing. 

Hereford Times: A look inside the new petrol station shopA look inside the new petrol station shop (Image: Paul Rogers)


This rebrand is part of Asda's acquisition of 129 of Co-op's petrol stations and three development sites in a £600 million deal.

The Co-op had refurbished the garage in 2020, expanding and replacing the previous Texaco branding.

The latest change means that there are two Asda petrol stations in Hereford now, with the other in Belmont Road.