Do you remember this Hereford Café from back in the day?

The Black and White café and chip shop stood next to the Kerry Arms and served locals during the 1950s and 1960s.

The café was popular for its selection of affordable traditional English food, with a menu consisting of pies, sausages, chips, and black puddings.


Members of We Grew Up In Hereford have been sharing their memories of the long-lost establishment.

Sylvia Binley said: “Lovely chips and the Midland red bus drivers used it a lot.

“Great memories.”

The staff, particularly Sam, June, Yasmin and Lesley Reynolds, are well remembered for being kind and friendly members of the community.

“What a great chippy and Sam was a right character,” said Martin Pritchard.

“His kids went to the same school as me and they lived up Redhill.

“I can see him and his wife dancing up the Hostel, doing the ballroom dancing.”

The café was part of a vibrant food scene in that area of the city at the time, with the nearby milk bar and Wye café also being looked back upon fondly by locals.