A MYSTERIOUS sound heard in Hereford has baffled people living in the city.

“What is that strange pulsing sound echoing across Hereford town,” asked Sam Williams on the Hereford Community Forum. Her question received 42 replies, but no clear answers.

An unidentified, metallic screech was apparently heard at intervals throughout the night and into the morning of October 30, upsetting pets and causing people to head to social media for answers.

Several people reportedly went outside to investigate the anomalous wailing, but their efforts were to no avail.


Jess Smith said: “Me and my daughter heard it this morning at about 9 a.m.

“We thought we were going mad as was looking round thinking it was in the house.”

Speculation abounded on the forum, with everything from ghosts to aliens considered as the possible source of the peculiar noise.

One of the more sensible theories submitted was that the sound was the result of a loose crane cable swinging in the wind, but that hasn’t stopped some locals from swearing that it was a windless night, leaving the noise unexplained.