A 20-mile-per-hour speed limit could soon be coming to a Herefordshire village.

Minutes of the Staunton on Wye Group Parish Council meeting on September 4 revealed that discussions are ongoing regarding a proposed 20 miles per hour speed limit through the village. The meeting was informed that the issue was still under review.


This came only a week before the default speed limit on roads in towns and villages in Wales was changed to 20 miles per hour, prompting calls for similar measures to be introduced in Herefordshire.

A public meeting about reducing speed limits in the county was held on September 20 at the Left Bank in Hereford.

Regarding the meeting, Councillor Jeremy Milln said: “Reducing vehicle speeds massively reduces injuries on the roads.

“The evidence is that it also reduces emissions and noise, encourages sustainable travel alternatives, and makes our towns and cities more liveable.

“The experience is that, while some drivers grumble on social media, residents overwhelmingly welcome safer streets.

“There are economic benefits too, not least in cost savings to the NHS, police and in road maintenance.”