A SUPERMARKET worker who has served thousands of customers over the past 33 years has stepped away from the till for the final time.

Paulette Wigmore has been a well known face at Morrisons in Hereford after first starting at the former Safeway on September 4, 1990 - a few months after it opened. 

"As well as being a checkout operator,  I also helped to promote items around the store, and in the summer months I ran the outdoor gardening department, affectionately known as Compost Corner," said Mrs Wigmore.


"I worked with some great people, and met many nice customers. Some of the staff are still there now, and many of the customers still use the store.

"Morrisons took over Safeway, and life there carried on as normal. Staff came and went.

"We often held charity days in the store, being allowed to wear different clothes to work, other than the normal uniform.

"Unfortunately, some good friends and work colleagues have passed away in my time there, as well as customers. 

Hereford Times: Paulette Wigmore joined Safeway in September 1990Paulette Wigmore joined Safeway in September 1990 (Image: Submitted)

"The company was very good to me when we lost our daughter Zoe, and a couple of other times when I found I needed some prolonged time off work. 

"So after 33 years there, October 20, 2023 was to be my final day.

"I have enjoyed my time there, meeting different people and having many laughs with the staff and customers.

"My fellow workmates gave me a great send-off, with the store manager even making me a cup of tea.

"I also had some lovely cards and flowers off customers."