Once again it seems that the new administration is intent on cancelling the Maylords library option before this is appropriate.

At the cabinet meeting on October 26, Cabinet is being asked to cancel the Maylords library project before either the Stronger Towns board or full council have agreed that the Shirehall location is preferred. The Cabinet paper specifically states that their agreement is required.

This is disrespectful to both bodies but particularly the STF Board.

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The STF board has spent several years navigating the governance landscape and produced a nationally recognised result. Should the Cabinet proposal be accepted by Cabinet, the STF will be provided with a stark choice: support the Shirehall project or in effect the STF library funding (£3m) will be lost.

The current administration should have confidence that the evidence they have will persuade the STF Board, rather than present the STF Board with such an ultimatum.

I am disappointed that the new administration considers it acceptable to treat high-achieving, valued and free-thinking partners in this way.

Councillor David Hitchiner

Deputy Leader, Independents for Herefordshire