THAT John Martin of Hereford considers Sir Bill Wiggin MP to be a dinosaur is a matter for he alone (Letters, August 31). Others will have different views.

My own view is that the Government has put him up as a Goliath but, unfortunately for me, one that won’t come out and fight, thus ensuring that the facts of his constituent’s case never become wholly officially considered.

What are your thoughts?

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That there are always two sides to a case is beyond dispute and it used to be that MPs would move heaven and earth to ensure that their constituents received fair hearing via personal interview etc, even if that did cause the MP some embarrassment from within their own Government and party, such as loss of prospects, gongs etc.

Now, that once proud office seems to have become a stepping stone to lucrative earnings to the disadvantage of constituents in general.

So come out, Sir Bill, defend your actions, provide the electorate with the facts, and see how they respond.