WHILE it is a sign of progress to see Avara promising to remove chicken manure from the Wye catchment (Avara to make big change on Herefordshire’s chicken manure problem, August 10).

This is only a very small step in the right direction, hardly the ‘big change’ that’s claimed.


It’s certainly a testament to the success of the campaign run by Save The Wye and local citizen scientists that has raised the alarm over the dreadful state of the river. In no way is this a permanent answer to the problems of the Wye or indeed a sustainable solution for dealing with the chicken manure.

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Avara/Cargill knew about the damage the manure would do to the Wye before they started the massive expansion of poultry units so they should have been doing this ten years ago.

As the major polluter of the Wye Avara/Cargill should come up with both a plan and the money to restore the river to its former glory.

Reducing the number of chickens in the Wye catchment is the only long-term, sustainable solution that can save the Wye.


Peterchurch, chair, Save the Wye