I THINK I can say with conviction that I watched the best amateur musical production ever... and I’ve watched a heck of a lot of musical theatre.

Phantom of the Opera performed by X-entricity Theatre, directed by Steve Liddle at the Courtyard in Hereford, blew the audience away for two and a half hours.

The depth of talent and nuances in singing, was purely mind-blowing and mesmerising.

Matthew Harcourt, who played the Phantom, was utterly brilliant (I’ve never seen such physicality and expressive hands!) and Megan Reid, who effortlessly shot Christine’s top E through the roof, was outstanding.

The staging and direction were tricky but meticulous. I particularly enjoyed the staging of the love triangle with the centre raised parapet as the main focal point. Wow, what a performance!

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I’ve only discovered this wonderful company over the last 12 months and for sure, I’m staying in their fan base. What a fantastic organisation.

Many, many congratulations to all the cast and crew. Truly inspiring work. So many superlatives. Bravo!

Bev Jenkins