A STRAY dog rescued in an “awful condition” is celebrating a year of his new happy life with a Herefordshire couple.

Heather Carrington, who adopted Vinnie with her partner Mike, said: “Vinnie's first year with us and what an adventure it's been! To begin with he was a nightmare. He chewed everything – the kitchen, the carpets, and even chewed through his crate. Now, he’s settled and has a very nice life – he’s totally spoilt but he deserves to be! He's turned into the most wonderful, loving dog and we love him to bits. ”

Hereford and Worcester Animal Rescue (HWAR) took Vinnie in over a year ago and the couple, from Sutton St Nicholas near Hereford, fell in love with him instantly.


“When we first saw Vinnie on the HWAR Facebook page, I cried,” said Ms Carrington. “He was in such a mess but we both knew then and there that we wanted him, and we fell in love with him.”

Hereford Times: HWAR shared this 'before' shot of Vinnie when he was first foundHWAR shared this 'before' shot of Vinnie when he was first found (Image: Hereford and Worcester Animal Rescue)

Hereford and Worcester Animal Rescue said: “Gorgeous Vinnie was found in an awful condition when he joined us as a stray, but it didn't take too long to see a huge improvement and he was so lucky to bag himself the most fantastic forever home.

Now he will never be treated with anything but love and respect, very far from his previous life. We are incredibly proud of Vinnie and so grateful to his new owners. We can't tell you how happy this makes us.”