A WOMAN has been up before the magistrates after sending nasty messages to another person in Hereford.

Karen Workman entered a guilty plea to one count of sending a letter or communication containing false information when she appeared before magistrates in Kidderminster in August.

The court heard from prosecutor Melanie Winterflood that the 57-year-old had sent electronic communications to a woman in Hereford between January 17 and February 9.


The two messages she had sent conveyed information which was false, and which Workman knew or believed to be false, for the purpose of causing distress or anxiety to the recipient or to any other person to whom she intended that its contents or nature should be communicated.

Workman, of Charlton Avenue, Hereford, was fined £80 for the offence, with magistrates saying they had taken her guilty plea into account when coming to their decision and that no restraining order had been made as it was not necessary.

She was also ordered to pay prosecution costs of £185.